Gold Coast Wedding DJs

Since this is our full-time profession, we possess the time to meet with you for a coffee and also chat about how we will help you to create some magic in your particular day. We love meeting couples for 100% duty-free assemblies to learn about their dream wedding.

It's a nice change to work with an dj hire gold coast that takes the time to become familiar with you instead of only "procedure" you like another number. Every single wedding is as individual and unique as the couple getting married. We love experiencing guests have loved dancing the night away to our music and every single wedding we've had the pleasure of performing at just as much as the bridal couples!

How much thought have you ever given for your particular day? Without a doubt you've got planned all the intricate details of the dress, the cake, the bridesmaid dresses, the suits,  there's indeed much to think about isn't there? The final thing you want would be to have to help an professional DJ know what music to play for a wedding! That's where we come.

We take all that anxiety. We know without you having to tell us what to play. Our Gold Coast Wedding DJs are pleased to tailor the night to add the style of music you love the most.

It is common to listen to horror stories of lousy Gold Coast wedding DJs ruining the ending to an otherwise perfect day. The problem is the reception is the last thing on everyone's mind, so a negative experience can bring your whole day down. There are so many DJs out there which are willing to take your hard earned cash but not deliver on their promises. Our Gold Coast Wedding DJs are called in emergencies when the DJs hired from other companies did not even show up! The business is full of "weekend warrior" DJs that work a day job and credit crunch inside their DJ work in their own spare time. We are a full-time DJ company. We are always here and willing to answer your questions. Simply phone us Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm and we'll manage to assist you.

Is not it pleasant to work with someone that's professional?

Our crew of Gold Coast DJs is industry professionals. We take the time and an individual meeting and you to consult to talk about and plan your special night. 

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